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About Us

At Eco Source, we pride ourselves on the honest service we provide for Indianapolis, Indiana. Our cleaning company operates under the philosophy of if it isn't broken, then we don't say it needs to be fixed. We offer the highest-quality services that you expect, back by more than 30 years of experience that speaks volumes to the standards we adhere to.

The Importance of Our Service

Chimney fires are a terrifying disaster capable of claiming thousands of lives. All it takes is just a ¼" of flammable creosote to turn your cozy fireplace into a blazing chimney fire. Thankfully, our team has the knowledge, materials, and expertise to reduce the chance of fire in your home during the colder months.

Our History

Founded by a firefighter, who brought his knowledge about what causes chimney fires to make a company that focused on preventing them. This is why our cleaning company follows the same procedures that fire departments use for cleaning and servicing chimneys. Since different contractors use different types of bricks when building chimneys, we've learned the proper methods for treating various building materials. All of this goes towards ensuring you receive the very best service available.